The Progressive Group is a
strategic combination of three divisions:

PSM - Progressive Sales and Marketing offers Manufacturers Representation of High Value Product Lines in the Mobile and Home Electronics Industry.

PAD - Progressive Automated Distributing distributes quality home audio, video, and integration products servicing the retail, custom integration, and commercial channels.

R&D - R & D Distributing fulfills "just in time" supply of Mobile Product lines and offers high value, high profit mixes.

Growth and Profitability

As we make sales presentations to our current distribution as well as new retailers or custom integrators, our emphasis is always on how we can increase their business and profitability by utilizing our reports and experience with each account to re-enforce the quality and profitability story.

Marketing and Philosophy

We are more of a catalyst than a creator a market generator not a responder. We maintain constant contact with retailers, custom installers, and distribution partners; our sensitivity to market changes is a valuable asset to the principals we serve. We are intimately familiar and proficient with the territory we cover.

Market Analysis

For those cities with a population over 10,000, we will be procuring direct dealers and for those cities with less population, we will solicit via a selective two-step distribution within the Marketing philosophy of our Manufacturer.

Progressive Sales & Marketing is responsible for providing manufactures with a sales plan including new accounts in each geographical area throughout our markets. It has been proven that the easiest responsibility of the sales representative is to place quality product in the retail sales area. Our challenge arises in moving the product through the sales chain to the end user and receiving a reorder. This challenge is overcome by providing extensive sales training accompanied by a consistent advertising program and, occasionally, an in store sales incentive program; if applicable.

Our Territory

Team Progressive covers Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Colorado, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico, Arizona, Western Pennsylvania, Southeastern Idaho, and West Texas. With 15 field reps and 13 inside sales support people, we have structured our company to support each Market of Distribution.